Setup guide to the Internet in the Wallstraße dormitory

What you need:

university account

Where can you get one?

  • Students at Mainz University: You already have one! It's your Jogustine account.
  • Students at Hochschule Mainz, Erasmus Students or external tendants: Please contact the Studierendenwerk Mainz with the following contacts:
    +49 6131-392 23 66


We recommend all tenants to get a WiFi router. You have your own WiFi and it is easy to configure. In addition, suitable WiFi routers are very inexpensive.

The following devices are working (tested by us):

ManufacturerModelRRP (price can vary)
TP-LinkTL-WR940N / TL-WR941N€24.99
TP-LinkArcher C50€39.99
TP-LinkArcher C1200€64.99
AVMFritz!-Box 4020€49.99
AVMFritz!-Box 4040€79.99
AVMFritz!-Box 7490€199.90
AVMFritz!-Box 6890€249.99
List does not claim to be complete, changes possible at any time!

Other routers may work, but do not have to. DSL modems from providers such as Telekom, Vodafone/Kabel Deutschland or O2 generally do not work!

Notfalls könnt Ihr euer Notebook auch direkt anschließen, sofern Ihr einen Netzwerk-Anschluss oder einen USB-LAN-Adapter habt. Wir empfehlen dies aber nicht (Einstellung der Firewall nötig). Der folgende Link erklärt, wie es unter Windows geht:

How can I contact the NAG?

If you have questions, please write a email at:


A registration is not necessary, nether for the devises nor accounts.